Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finally home with Mia

Our journey home began by taking a very scary van ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. I really thought we weren’t going to make it. The typhoon was coming through and the driver was texting and driving like he was a race car driver. Mia cried a lot of the way because she was so tired. Then right before we got there, she had a terrible poopy diaper and it stunk so bad. Craig and I could just laugh. I am sure the van driver was very ready to get rid of us J Once we arrived in Hong Kong we had about 3 hours until our plane took off so we ate, looked around and chased Mia. I really thought since it was bedtime she would sleep however she had very different plans. We had a 3 hour flight to Seoul, Korea and Mia did ok. Once we got to Korea we had a 5 hour layover. I had really dreaded this but Mia slept most of the time and we got some naps in to. Nothing like sleeping on chairs in the middle of the airport but hey – it worked! We boarded our last flight for home- a little over 13 hours. Our tickets were not together. We had one ticket by the bassinet and another ticket a couple of seats over. The ones by the bassinet are better because you have more leg room. Once we got seated I asked the girl sitting next to Craig and Mia if she would trade. She did and I am certain she was happy about that trade once the flight started J! Mia did really good for the first 9 hours- slept 2 of those so we were able to sleep a little too. There was another baby right next to us so in 3 seats were 3 adults and 2 babies. Thank goodness for the bassinets. Mia really liked it at first- even cried when we couldn’t put her in it b/c the seatbelt signs were on. But then the last 5 hours came. Nothing made her happy. She would not sleep. She was everywhere. We walked her a lot and met some very nice people on the plane! The flight attendants were nice to come and talk to her to try to keep her occupied but this baby was beyond tired. She just didn’t know what to do. We were SOOO happy to land in Atlanta a few minutes early. We were done with our 31 hours of travel – only 2 left headed to Chattanooga. We quickly got through customs and got our bags. Mia was screaming. Our friend Justin picked us up and we were headed home. This was Mia’s first time in a car seat- she wasn’t too happy but we made it home. We arrived to my mom, Uncle Kerry Lee, Craig’s parents and Kara, Morgan and Emory. Mia was so excited. She ran from toy to toy and would only let the men hold her. She has always liked for Craig to hold her more, so when we came in she immediately let the men hold her. Nana and Nanny were a little sad – I don’t think they were able to hold her once. She was busy. The boys loved her. Wyatt really surprised me. He was so funny. I thought he would not have much to do with her since in the past he said he was going to put mud on her and would not pray for her, but as soon as she came in he started playing with her. He has been trying to give her the bottle but she likes to do things herself and just gets mad at him. He even wiped her yucky nose! 

That night we put Mia to bed at 6:15 and she slept straight through until 9:45!!! That is 15 and a half hours! I was able to sleep from 8-6 which is pretty good. I hope that since we had no sleep for 2 days jet lag won’t be a problem!! Today, we let her play outside and went for a walk and she loved it. I had planned to take the boys to the Shrek play which I thought they would be so excited about, but when I mentioned it they were so sad because they wanted to stay and play with Mia. (I think they like her toys better than she does!) When I told them she would be napping they quickly changed their minds J!

We are so glad to be home with home cooking- thanks to nana nanny and Kara we haven’t had to cook but have been eating very good. Also thanks to Haven and Ria for cleaning our house while we were gone. Do you know how great it is to come home to a super clean house?!! And thanks to our neighbors who kept our dog and mowed our yard!  We have been so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

Even though I am so thankful to be back home and don’t want to travel back to China for a very long time there are some things that I miss: the very firm beds- might need to make a mattress change soon, the all you can eat yummy breakfast buffet, having my room cleaned everyday- I don’t think my house will ever be clean again with 3 kids, having time for a nap everyday because there was nothing else that I needed to be doing!

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful journey to get Mia! She is such a blessing to our family and we are so happy we finally have her! We appreciate everyone’s prayers and support through this very long process! Now starts a new journey with raising 3 wonderful children!

Poor baby was scared when she woke up. Notice her pajamas- I didn't have any washed for her so she had to wear the boys pj's!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guangzhou -days12-13

Day 12- Guangzhou zoo
Today we went to the zoo. It was fun but very warm. We got a lot of stares here. Mostly in China people stare at us or smile. At the zoo we mainly had stares. I would just smile back. There was some interesting food at this can see sheep on a stick in the picture below. For dinner we went to a local Chinese restaurant where our guide ordered for us. It was good but not as good as the good in Beijing. I think this might be my last Chinese dinner for awhile :)!  I am still very thankful for the daily breakfast buffet. I took a picture of part of the buffet just goes forever.

Day 13- US consulate visit
I don't have any pictures of this because they only allow you to bring in a clear bag with baby supplies. We all took an oath stating that we would take care of our babies and then gave them lots of paperwork. She will be a US citizen when we land in atlanta! For lunch/dinner we went back to Lucy's for some yummy grilled cheese and fries. Wedid a little shopping. Craig was excited to find a knock off north face jacket and backpack for very cheap! It looks just like the real thing. Then I realized Mia needed awhile pair of church shoes so back to the squeaky shoe store :)... They remembered me from before so I talked them down to $8 :)
Today Mia has really started giving kisses and being loving. Before she would just turn away but today she has just been so sweet and is loving kisses!!
Tomorrow we hang out until they deliver Mia's visa at 4:30. Then we take a 3.5 hour van ride to Hong Kong to wait for our 12:45 am flight to Korea which is 4 hours. There we have a 4 hour layover. Then we have a 14 hour flight to atlanta! PLEASE pray for our 33 hour travel home and for Mia since she only likes to sleep in her bed! We will be so thankful to get home!! Although it might have to be a movie night for the boys while mommy and daddy rest our eyes!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guangzhou- days 10-11

Day 10
Today we went to the Shamian Island to shop. I had been told about a store called Jenny's and I found it. We did most shopping here because they basically all have most of the same things but the more you buy in one store the better deal you get. We bought shoes shoes and shoes that all squeak but several sizes :)! I did have her show me how to pull the squeakers out :)! We also bought some little gifts for the boys here that I hope they will like. She added everything up and said 1500 (Chinese) and all I had was 1000. After some begging and me telling her I would promote her shop on some adoption facebook pages she said yes but had forgotten to add in a tea set so she ended up throwing that in and said I was a good customer! The owners are Christians and they sell bibles in their store which is unusual!
On the island there are several statues that Chinese children like to stand in front of and have their picture taken so I put Mia with you can tell she hated it!
For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant ha ha a Mexican restaurant in china :) not quite as good as we are used to!
Day 11
Today we had to get up early to have her medical exam done but we made sure to allow plenty of time for the fabulous buffet breakfast :). She did great just didn't like them putting the stick on her tongue. The only thing I could really understand that they wrote is that she weighs 10 kg which is 22 pounds so she is doing great for her age. A few of the other kids in our group are 2 and 3 years old and they weighed the same as Mia :(.
Today for lunch we ordered papa johns ah
hhhhh yummy! More expensive than at home but worth it! We knew we were going on a dinner cruise and when the guide tells you the Chinese food isn't that good you are in trouble so we were glad we had pizza! The dinner cruise was fun but he was right ...the food was no good! Mia ate the rice and the yucky ice cream though. It was neat to see the city from the top of the cruise ship. I will have to post those pictures later because they are on my other camera. China just has so many huge is amazing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaving Zhengzhou arriving at Guangzhou-day 9

Yeah!! Glad to leave zhengzhou .... Getting a little tired of it. After 2 Walmart trips there is not much else to do! We left early so we had to wake Mia up. Also she only likes to nap in her bed laying flat...not too good for a plane ride. She was not a happy camper. Thankfully the lady next to us was very understanding!! This was a 2 hour plane ride...only a 2 hour and 14 hour plane ride left :)...start praying now!! This airport had a playground which was nice...if only the plane did! Lol
We arrived at Guangzhou at the china hotel (Marriott) ...very very nice!! As soon as we got here Mia laid right down on our bed (no crib yet) and fell asleep in less than a minute! For dinner we went to shaiman island and ate dinner at Lucy's! I kept hearing about Lucy's and how good it was...well everyone is right, it is yummy!! Craig got a cheeseburger and fries and I got a quesadilla and fries...some good ol greasy food :). The island is neat...lots of little shops and places to eat. So glad to be here and only 4 more nights in a hotel room!