Wednesday, December 25, 2013

CHRISTMAS - wow 4 months home

I can't believe we have been home with Mia for 4 months. So much has happened since we brought her home. She had her cleft palate repair and is doing GREAT. At first the Dr. said he would need to redo the lip repair that was done in China and we were really dreading that. However at this last visit he said maybe not and that he would just watch it closely and see how it grows. Mia is just such a sweet little girl. She is adjusting great. She fits right in and the boys adore her. She loves to play especially with her dolls. This is amazing because when we first came home she wasn't even sure what to do with her dolls. Now she loves on them, feeds them and pats them. I love seeing that! Craig and I have been very blessed to be able to rotate our weeks off to stay home with her since August. Our time has come to an end and we are sad about that. However we are so glad for the almost 5 months we have spent with her to help her adjust. After Christmas she will be going to daycare. We had a 2 day trial run before Christmas and she did GREAT... she loved playing with all of the new toys and friends. She just ran right in and was so excited. Even Wyatt liked it and he is who I was most worried about :) Mia had a great first Christmas even though she wasn't sure what to think about presents!
Enjoy a few Chrismtas pictures:
Womack Cousins

                                                                Johnson cousins with Meme

                                               These are the stuffed animals that my children
                                             sleep with every night. They were all presents from
                                             Meme when they were born (and when Mia arrived)
                                             Mia loves her kitchen from nana and pawpaw!!

                                                                 Just precious!!

                                                                so sweet :)


                                                          Mia is stealing santa's cookies!

                                                               her new baby

                                                       play dough time

they all love to jump!

Christmas morning!!