Sunday, August 10, 2014

ONE YEAR!!! Time flies!!

I can't believe we have had Mia a whole year! What a blessing she has been. We are so happy she is part of our family and I am pretty sure she is happy with us too :)! She is still such a sweet girl! Mia has turned in to a typical little girl. Everything she sees me doing she wants a part of it: make up, jewelry, painted toenails. I don't mind it at all!! We have had a wonderful summer of fun!! Mia experienced her first time at the beach, swimming, water park, zoo and just fun times with family. We are so thankful to God that he placed Mia with us! Riley always says he is thankful that Mia had something wrong with her mouth so that we could have her!
To see Mia's 1 year Gotcha Day video click below.

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